Terms and conditions of use

Please note that the order has to be placed THREE days in advance.
We do not ship internationally.
Flowers are subject to change depending on availability and season.
If flowers are unavailable, appropriate substitution will be made.
Actual product size may differ from the images shown.

Cancellation of all orders has to be done 2 days prior to delivery. Otherwise, the cancellation will not be executed.

In case If the delivery could not be fulfilled because of inaccurate address (non-existent or incomplete address), the telephone number for feedback not specified, no recipient at the address on the indicated time, the order is returned to the boutique. Within 24 hours we will try to contact the customer again. In the case of confirmation of the order, additional re-delivery cost will be paid. After 24 hours of the failed delivery due to the fault of the customer, the order is annulled, its cost is deducted and no refund is made, as flowers are the perishable goods and the company incurred total expenses. If the customer wishes to renew the order, in this case he/she pays again.

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